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Introducing Prestige

Strategically located in Accra’s most exclusive settings, within the enclave of Kotoka International Airport, Prestige is the ultimate location for the city’s cosmopolitan elite. From this exclusive address in the capital, residents are invited to experience all the benefits of life in a select community, whose aspirations for the ultimate in luxury living are fulfilled through an array of amenities and impeccably designed residential space.

Because Location Is Everything...

Nestled in a prime location within Kotoka International Airport’s enclave. Prestige offers the ideal setting for both homeowners and investors. For those seeking a luxurious lifestyle, the community’s strategic location ensures easy access to the city’s finest restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment hubs, as well as being near to premium schools and to the city’s most renowned health care providers. For the investor, this location proves equally tantalizing. with its potential for long-term high demand due to its proximity to the airport and major attractions.

...And your time is valuable.
As a member of the Prestige community, what can you do in 1 minute?

In 1 Minute, you can catch your plane

In 1 Minute, you can arrive at work

In 1 Minute, you can take the family out

In 1 Minute, you can get back home

Because You Move In Select Circles

An address at Prestige is not only a statement of distinction and elegance, it is an invitation to live among and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. From your home environment, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and form lasting connections with your neighbours – meaning those who share your taste for the finer things in life.

Because Attention to detail matters

Prestige boasts a versatile layout spanning four well-designed floors, offering a total commercial gross area of 9,786.45 square meters of underground space, 3,325.92 square meters at ground level, 3,855.23 square meters on the first floor, and an additional 3,078.68 square meters on the second floor. This thoughtful arrangement ensures that we cater to businesses of all sizes and types, from banks to luxury boutiques, and from gyms to coffee shops and everything in between. Whether you seek a single-level establishment or wish to explore the advantages of multiple levels, our adaptable floorplans can be seamlessly tailored to accommodate your vision.

Because your environment matters.

A life in harmony with nature and an environment that promotes your wellbeing… this is what Prestige promises its residents through meticulous landscaping. The surrounding greenery has been developed to add value to your lifestyle, where day-to-day life is elevated by peacefulness and calm.

Because Family comes first

As an added delight. Prestige is proud to introduce “Wonderland” an onsite theme park that promises a magical experience for young and old alike. This world of enchantment, thrilling rides, and unforgettable moments is within walking distance of Prestige homes, offering families the ultimate convenience of easy acesss of leisure time filled with wonder and joy.

Because You thrive on luxury

At Prestige. we believe every space delivers an exceptional home. Whether you prefer the compact convenience of a studio, the spaciousness of a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment, or the crowning view from the Royal Penthouse, each home has been thoughtfully designed with impeccable attention to detail, reflecting the epitome of luxury living.

Because you expect excellence

At Prestige. we take pride in our exceptional team of stakeholders, who contribute their expertise to create a living experience like no other. From visionary architects to skilled craftsmen, each stakeholder is committed to bringing the vision of Prestige to life.


Immerse yourself in the contemporary luxury of our studio apartments, where every inch of space is ingeniously crafted to maximize comfort and functionality for your ideal lifestyle aspirations.

real estate developers in accra ghana

24 Units

Total Apartment

real estate developers in accra ghana

2 Units

Total Apartment

1 Bedroom Apartment

Experience the epitome of sophistication in our 1-bedroom apartments, where the art of luxurious living is redefined, inviting you to envision your dream residence.

2 Bedroom Apartment

Experience the epitome of sophistication in our 1-bedroom apartments, where the art of luxurious living is redefined, inviting you to envision your dream residence.

Penthouse Apartment

Growing the residential offering at Prestige are the two Royal Penthouses, designed for the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Each has a floor plan ready to be tailored to your exact needs and requirements, elevating your home to the space of your dreams.